Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Buzz | My Mom is THE BEST Flower Arranger, Working Backwards & Quitting Project 52

I love flowers and I don't care where they come from, the grocery store, the farmer's market, the side of the road, wherever. They could be flowering weeds and I'd still think they were pretty. Many times I have gratefully accepted weeds with blooms on them and placed them in a little vase because they were tokens of love from the little hands that picked them (my sons). 

This lovely bunch of flowers, however came from my local Kroger. My parents were out of town for the weekend and I wanted to surprise my mom with a little flower arrangement as a "welcome home; we love you; aren't you glad your house is still in one piece" token of appreciation. Seriously though, it was a thanksgiving gesture on my part.

My Mom is THE BEST flower arranger EVER, next to my Grandma. I grew up around these creative women who could arrange flowers and bouquets like no one's business. My Mom often buys flowers for occasions or for no occasion at all. There have been times I'd walk in my room and find that she has placed her floral creation there with a love note for me. My Mom does this for others as well. She is truly an amazing woman who's gift is lifting spirits and making them feel loved. 

Above: The outcome of my attempt at flower arranging. Ha-ha, I didn't do too bad, I guess. Admittedly, I had visual help from a You Tube video. 

Now, as for "Working backwards" and "Quitting Project 52"...I have been on hiatus with my entrepreneurial endeavors for a little over year now. Dabbling in different mediums through out 2015 was a much needed creative break for me. Running a photography business, while rewarding in many ways, can also become exhausting, especially when going through huge life transitions with no one to defer to or to delegate to because I WAS IT! I did manage to change my business name. Score! Also, I have been working here and there on small projects, like Tuesday's Hues, but mainly taking photo sessions exclusively for family. My big project that I worked on last year while on hiatus was a 365 project called Capturing 2015. If you have frequented my Instagram or follow me on Facebook, you probably saw or read some of my daily entries. This was a journey for me, healing and insightful. (Later on that). It was also quite a commitment; there were times I had to catch up on an entire week because I had fallen behind. But I FINISHED IT! I thought I wanted to take on another photo journal type project, Finding the Light,  but my heart really was not in it. I lost interest immediately, I think maybe because I accomplished the big 365 last year. I may return to another one later, but not this year. I have lots of blog posts to write and will be "working backwards" from the sessions that I had the privilege to photograph last year. So, you'll be seeing and hearing more from me. I'm looking forward to sharing. My blog is currently still under construction. Good things are coming soon, for sure... 

God is Good. Love is Life.


  1. Such a beautiful post, Karrie!! You've just reminded me that I can spread love, cheer and encouragement in my own way - in the little things. I feel this relief and am lifted up. Thank you!! xo

  2. So beautiful... you surely got your mom's and grandmother's special touch to arranging flowers. I even see an S curve in the arrangement. Well done. Cannot wait to see more of your creations. XO

  3. Karrie your mom sounds like a very kind and thoughtful lady, as well as talented and creative with flowers. Such a gift for her to share with others. Your arrangement is perfect, and clever to watch a Youtube to show you some tips. So very nice to read about your project and blog update. Thank you for sharing!! I've added you to my "feedly" list where future posts will show up.


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