Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday's Hues | Bridge of Lions

The Bridge of Lions crosses the Matanzas River and connects St. Augustine to Anastasia Island. This is a side view of the bridge at sunrise from Castillo de San Marcos. Gorgeous, isn't it? 
The reflections of the lights from the bridge on the river below are reminiscent of drip painting. Looking at this photograph from afar, it almost resembles an abstraction. I took this photograph during my vacation in St. Augustine. You can see my previous post for a beautiful lighthouse still.

God is Good. Love is Life.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday's Hues | St. Augustine Lighthouse II

Notice something familiar? If you visited last week's post, you will! 
I hadn't been to St. Augustine since 2003 or around there. This was my first time visiting the Lighthouse & Maritime Museum and climbing a lighthouse all the way to the top, ever. I love first times, don't you? There's something about being in the moment and wanting to take everything in. The spiral staircase is captivating. My Love and I planned this trip for us and our children. The kids had a blast, as there is a pirate ship playground, and other interactive things for children outside as well as in the museum. Experiencing the museum through their eyes was amazing too. The museum is packed full of thematic rooms with historic information, photos and artifacts. Also, there are sectional learning centers on the main level and down in the basement. We enjoyed our visit so much. If you are ever in that area and have children, I highly recommend visiting the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum. 

God is Good. Love is Life.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday's Hues | St. Augustine Lighthouse

St. Augustine, Florida.

St. Augustine Lighthouse is the first lighthouse, that I can remember, that I climbed all the way to the top. The lighthouse has 219 steps total. My Love & I brought our children for a fun weekend to The Old City and had a tremendous time. The weather was super hot that day; lots of sweating and drinking water! Oh, but at the top of this lighthouse you can see beautiful views of the surrounding area. It was quite breezy up there as well, which was a welcomed refreshment after the climb. I got a glimpse of the prisms in the light...just gorgeous. Love all the colors!

God is Good. Love is Life.

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