Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Buzz | Fruit Art With A Hidden Heart

The chalk pastel drawings. It all started with The Peach. One sleepless night, I got up out of bed, went down to the basement to rummage through some old art supplies, and found a box I had stored my chalk pastels in along with some other media I used in college. I also found an old tablet of Strathmore Pastel paper, assorted colors. On my way back up the stairs, I stopped in the kitchen to brew some hot tea, grabbed a peach and then headed back to my room. I pulled my art board out and and sifted through the pastel paper with the tips of my fingers. I took out a sheet of peach colored pastel paper and started to sketch the peach. I emphasized the heart shape of the fruit. If you know me, hearts are kind of my thing. My process and technique are blending the colors with my fingers while keeping the original sketch lines in tact. I followed suit with the other fruit drawings as well, but hid my hearts in the light reflections. Can you find them?
Hearts remind me of LOVE and LOVE reminds me of every good person and thing I have in life, thanks to God. 

I will have these prints up in my shop and a chance to win a print on Friday morning!

God is Good. Love is Life.


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