Monday, October 3, 2016

Family Adventure Session | George is ONE!

Hello there! This is George...isn't he adorable!! I met him and his family last Sunday morning at their home. Driving into their neighborhood reminded me of driving into my grandparents' neighborhood when I was a kid. The homes, the space between neighbors, the smell of the morning dew on fresh cut grass, the sounds of's a lovely environment. George's parents were so kind and welcoming as I entered their home to get my gear ready for the family adventure session. George was just as sweet; he let me hold him within the 5 minutes of my standing in the dining room with the camera in hand. As I looked around, I saw remnants of George's First Birthday party in the living room. The play area was blocked off with kid-friendly gates and George's toys scattered on the floor. Home. I saw a banner of photographs hanging on the mantle. Curious, I walked closer and noticed that they were George's month by month highlights of his first year. This touched my heart. Their home is well lived in and well loved in. 
First, we walked out to the backyard to make some photographs in front of the barn. Afterwards, we took a drive to the neighborhood lake, walked around. A flock of ducks flew in towards the section of the lake where we were making photographs. I think they might have thought we had bread to feed them. We made our way back to the house. Mom and dad wanted to save the balloon for last. Shiny floating balloons with strings, how fascinated children are by them. I captured that wonder on George's face as he looked up at the blue #1 above him while he yanked on the string watching the balloon bob up and down. Overall, I had a splendid time with this precious family. Thank you for allowing me to capture these moments for you.

Happy First Birthday, George!

God is Good. Love is Life.

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