Wednesday, June 14, 2017

At Home | The Isabella Family

The speakers were blaring in my car with the lyrics of Awake My Soul and I was singing along, ..."where you invest your love, you invest your life..." I was already en route to the city when I felt my phone vibrate. It was Kaylen telling me that the front door was open. I arrived in record time that Sunday morning without any help from my Garmin, which I'm rather proud about. 

When I opened the front door, I was greeted by a very sleep deprived Mama Bear. "Don't hate me, but we aren't ready," Kaylen says to me as I set my camera bag down on the floor. "I can't hate you," I joked. "You're my sister; I'm obligated to love you." We both laugh. I hug her and ask where the coffee is. 

The boys were sleeping in the master bedroom. Henley lay bright eyed in her rocking seat. After visiting for a few minutes, I heard little feet coming down the hallway. Preston. He woke up ready to play. I asked him to give me some sugar and he ran back down the hallway giggling. Preston has gotten so big. Kaylen and Andrew were standing him up when we captured the pregnancy announcement

Kaylen and I had been attempting to schedule the home session for a couple weeks since my visit with them in the hospital. Between the rain and the family's schedule this particular Sunday was the day even though the weather called for cloudy skies and rain again. We went with it. 

I walked around the house with my camera as the family got ready. By the time the babies were dressed and ready for the whole family shot, they were done. All moms & dads can relate to this, I'm sure. Mommy & Daddy want to get their smooch on all the while one child is jumping on the bed dumping laundry on the floor and the other cries to be held. This is it though, the in-between times that I love to capture. It's real. Life is amazing and so fleeting. We have these beautiful moments with the people we love. Sometimes we are so busy with the things happening in life or the worries in our heads and we to tend miss the details. 

Kaylen & Andrew are so good about making quality time for each other. It's a priority for them as it should be. Love is life! I mean love itself is life-giving, it replenishes what the world sucks out of you. They're getting it right. I'm so thankful to share a little bit of this home session.

God is Good. Love is Life.


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Newborn | Henley Drew

Henley Drew was born on Sunday, May 7th. She is the first baby girl to be born in our family since her mommy, my sister, Kaylen. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to share in this moment with you and your family. Capturing the first family photos of Preston meeting Henley for the first time was priceless. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this since the beginning at Piedmont Park for your Engagement Sesh...I love you all!

God is Good. Love is Life.

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