Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday's Hues | Blue Graffiti Blur

I Love Color! Color Bars are so helpful when selecting hues within an image for display. This image was taken with my Nikon digital camera. I was walking around in Atlanta, which has some really amazing graffiti. The colors of this piece struck me; it was painted on a garage door of an old warehouse. 
This image is available for purchase in my etsy shop.

The Fox | Custom Mixed Media Creation

A friend of mine wanted a handmade original watercolor of a fox for her daughter's birthday. This is the start to finish progress in 3 images. It actually took me about 3 days to create between the the layering of sketches, smudging oil pastels and time to allow the watercolor to dry. Even though The Fox is stationary, I love the fluidity of the sketch lines.

Mixed Media Details: 
colored pencil
oil pastels
black ink

(original) 11" x 14"

Fine art prints of this image are available to purchase in my etsy shop.

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