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Love & Art are two things I am most passionate about. I am an eclectic artist and a mother to two handsome little men. Since I can remember, art was always my favorite subject in school. Rainbows and horses were in almost all of my drawings as a child. My first camera came under the Christmas tree when I was about 11 years old. Art. I loved it so much that I studied it in college and earned my BFA in 2004. Later, I taught Art in both public and private schools. 

I've been all over the southern place the last 13 or so years, living in North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Now, I reside in the metro-Atlanta area. I began my entrepreneurial adventure while living in Georgia in 2008. I have since changed my business name to 
Karrie B FINE ART to encompass all my artistic work. 

Home is important to me. I am a home-maker, a story-teller, creating a space to feel love, comfort, peace. Home is meant to be a haven. I create with these in mind. Each piece, each photograph has a story. My Art collections are created purposefully eclectic and unique to each client. Vibrant color, beautiful words, and loving gestures captivate me and inspire me as an artist. I incorporate these in my work. The creative process will strike me at any given time and the following things help a GREAT deal:


God is Good. Love is Life.

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