Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January: Week 1 | Quiet Light

This year I will be documenting my 365 Project with a group called Finding the Light. The 365 Project is actually a challenge with monthly themes. I will be posting an image per week, hence the Project 52. January's theme is Quiet Light. The image above is from Week 1. 

If you followed my 365 Project last year, Capturing 2015, then you know a little bit of my random style. I shoot from my heart, so I allow whatever I am feeling at the moment to inspire and guide me. 

One day this week, I woke up with my sons snuggled close beside me. My Bible App woke me with the reminder to spend my quiet time with God before I start my day. I've been reading a daily devotional called On the Farm. It highlights motivational parenting and spiritually discipling the hearts of your children with corresponding Bible verses. On this particular morning, I picked up my phone and snapped a few shots with the remote. 

Currently, I shoot with a Nikon D90 and always shoot in manual mode & RAW format. I majorly use a prime lens; 35mm is my absolute favorite! I had my camera set on a tripod for this shot. Also, I used the 5 sec timer with remote function. 

My settings: Shutter Speed - 1 sec, f/stop - 1.8, ISO - 1600

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  1. I love this image. My two boys still come to bed and snuggle most days. I love that.


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