Monday, February 5, 2018

Piedmont Park | Engagement Session & Sequential Photography

Saturday, I met Jenna and Jason at Piedmont Park for their engagement session. Even though we were freezing our tushies off, the lighting was lovely. Walking through the park, I had a few random thoughts that I shared with the love-birds: 

1. "This is the 3rd time I've shot an engagement session in Piedmont Park."
2. "I wish the park had a hot beverage cart to grab something to warm us up."
3. "There are a lot of photographers here today!"

What's pretty cool about the area is that the artists are respectful of each other's time and space.
This little lookout spot at the park was occupied by a photographer when we walked up. Another photographer was already waiting in the spot for a proposal session. And yet another photographer used the spot for a magazine shoot complete with model, lighting and makeup artist.
 Jenna & Jason braved the cold with me. Just as we were walking up the steps to head to our next location, another photographer was waiting behind. 
Saturday evening was quite a busy photo day at Piedmont Park.

Look at them enjoying each other. It's almost like I'm not here. You can feel the love, am I right?!
I love love love sequential photography. 

Oh, this is not Jenna & Jason's official engagement session blog post. This is just me signing on real quick to say I'm here; I'm creating and working on the things that I love.

God is Good. Love if Life.

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